Who is the Great Harlot of Revelation 17?

There are no shortage of mysteries within the Book of Revelation, particularly as things pertain to its numerous symbolic figures. I have written elsewhere about the “Beasts” of Revelation 13, as well as the enigmatic “Mark of the Beast.” Here, I would like to make some informed speculation about the identity of the “Great Harlot” of Revelation 17.

Can this figure be known, or can we at least find a likely candidate based on the textual clues?

I believe so, but it will take some unpacking.


The Harlot of History

Whenever discussing most (though not all) aspects of biblical prophecy, it’s important to understand that the subject being evaluated must have had meaning to the original audience. In this case, that means that the Harlot figure had bearing on the lives of those hearing Revelation read aloud in their worshipping communities, near AD 100.

This critical point can lead us to uncovering who the Great Harlot may have been, in an historical sense.

One of the most ignored aspects of Revelation—and perhaps the main reason why the book is often so misunderstood—is that its author[1] drew heavily upon the Old Testament, especially the Major Prophets. In my article about Revelation 13, I discussed the fact that the “Mark of the Beast” can only truly be understood in light of the Shema; that is, the head and the right hand are almost certainly symbols pertaining to giving one’s will and actions over to Satan.

Just as believers are marked with the “Seal of God” (7:3), the unrepentant are marked with the “Mark of the Beast” (13:16).

With that said, I believe that the Great Harlot has a similar OT parallel, and it is found in Ezekiel 16. When this chapter is read alongside of Revelation 17, the similarities literally jump off the page.

On twelve separate occasions within Ezekiel 16 alone, God calls Jerusalem a harlot (zanah). This is sometimes translated instead as “prostitute,” as is the term used for harlot (porné) in Revelation 17. Clearly, it’s the same idea being expressed; Jerusalem—encompassing God’s people, here—had continuously betrayed her Husband by fornicating with many other lovers.

She had chosen to be unfaithful to God, so that she could passionately entertain the many false gods of the surrounding pagan world.

“But you trusted in your beauty and used your fame to become a prostitute. You lavished your favors on anyone who passed by and your beauty became his . . . At every street corner you built your lofty shrines and degraded your beauty, spreading your legs with increasing promiscuity to anyone who passed by . . . You adulterous wife! You prefer strangers to your own husband!”[2]

This is just a few verses of the sexual carnage displayed by the people of Jerusalem, and the entire chapter of Ezekiel 16 reads in much the same way. In fact, both the Major and Minor Prophets consistently referred to the Jewish nation as an adulterous whore. (Their words, not mine!)

With that said, let’s now consider what is revealed in Revelation 17 about the Great Harlot. We know from the text that the Harlot John saw was “sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns” (17:3b.) This beast was previously depicted in Revelation 13 and, as I describe in this blog, it corresponds with the creature in Daniel 7:7-8. That said, this terrible beast is almost universally (and rightly, I think) recognized by biblical scholars as symbolizing the Roman Empire.

So, the Harlot—whoever she was—acted in coordination with the Roman Empire. She was even clothed in purple and scarlet and was adorned with luxurious items (17:4), thus showing that she shared in the vast wealth of the empire.  

We are also told the Harlot was “drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus” (17:6). This is extremely telling. This means, without question, that the Harlot joined with Caesar in martyring the saints. That is, she put Christ’s followers to death.

Now, who on earth could this mysterious figure be? She is steeped in riches, works in conjunction with the Roman Empire, and even persecutes God’s holy people.

Yet again, we arrive at the same conclusion: the Harlot is none other than Jerusalem.

In the first century, the Jewish authorities joined with the Roman Empire—prompted them, really—to murder Jesus, their King. And what did they say when Pilate tried to dissuade them?

“They cried out, ‘Away with him, away with him, crucify him!’ Pilate said to them, ‘Shall I crucify your King?’ The chief priests answered, ‘We have no king but Caesar” (Jn. 19:15).

Further, Jesus made their allegiance to murdering God’s people plain during his ministry:

“Nevertheless, I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the day following, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish away from Jerusalem” (Lk. 13:33).

Elsewhere, Jesus followed up with this theme:

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing” (Mt. 23:37)!

This was even the exact point of Jesus’ Parable of the Tenants (Mt. 21:33-46), wherein the chief priests and Pharisees are prophesied as those who murder God’s servants and, ultimately, His Son.

To compound the matter, we also know that it is wholly appropriate to refer to Israel—Jerusalem, in this case—as a woman. In fact, both Israel and the church are referred to as “women.” Revelation 12 points to a good and virtuous woman who is the opposite of the Harlot in chapter 17. The good woman gives birth to the Messiah, while the evil woman effectively puts him to death.

In essence, this represents both the holy nature of Israel as God’s chosen nation and the unholy nature of the corrupt Jewish leadership. This is eerily comparable to the Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly contrast that exists within the Wisdom texts, especially Proverbs.

Another clue within the text is so difficult to detect that one can hardly be blamed for missing it. We are told in 17:6 that John not only “marveled” but “marveled with great admiration” at what he was seeing with the Great Harlot (17:6-7). In other words, this particular vison blew John’s mind! This is remarkable, since John had previously seen visions of beasts emerging from the land and sea (ch. 13), armies of locust men (9:7), and angels pouring bowls of wrath onto the world (ch. 16)!

No, something about this vision startled John more than the others. Could it be because he saw that it was Jerusalem—not any number of the wicked cities described within the OT—that was so thoroughly corrupt?

If this interpretation seems difficult to swallow, then let me assure you that I was not comfortable with it at first, either. I’m still not, for that matter. However, all roads seem to lead to the Harlot of Rome and I see little way around it.

In conclusion, can I—in good conscience—tell you that the Great Harlot is indeed a reference to Jerusalem and the corrupt Jewish leaders of the day? No; of course not.

What I can say is that the shoe fits, and that it fits rather comfortably.


Teaser: The Harlot of the Present/Future?

With all that was previously said, one important question remains: If Jerusalem truly is the Harlot of Revelation 17, was she the final manifestation of it? Personally, I think not.

In fact—and in my way of thinking—a virtually identical system took its place within the church, not long after its formation.

That, however, will have to be addressed next time.  


[1] The apostle John is historically considered to have authored Revelation. Though many contemporary scholars doubt this reality, the overall evidence is strong that John was at least connected to the text. There is certainly no other legitimate contender, either.

[2] Ezekiel 16:15, 25 and 32 (my emphasis).

Killer Jab

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Everything Wrong with Tim Mackie and The Bible Project: Part One – Hell on Earth and Hell is Us

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Though Tim Mackie is intelligent and well-educated, many of his teachings about Christian theology are simply wrong. Worse, he knowingly spreads heretical views in specific instances.

In this video, I cover one of the more obvious examples of where Mackie’s views are completely antithetical to biblical teachings, and he knows it. He must know it.

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They’re Going to do “it” . . . Again

News comes and goes these days at a rate impossible to track. Even for the truly astute and attentive researchers among us, many important matters can get lost in the nebulous arrangement of articles and personal responsibilities.

Allow me to show you one such example: one that has evaded proper discussion within almost every circle, in my humble opinion.

Ever since the “first one,” there has been talk of a “second one.” That is, another global pandemic.

Bill Gates, a man integrally involved in all things virus and vaccine related—including the COVID-19 game planning conference, known as Event 201commented on the matter in January 2021:

“We have to do two things at once: We have to bring this epidemic (COVID-19) to an end—primarily by getting the vaccine out in large numbers to the entire world—and we have to make sure that we’re ready because there will be another pandemic.

Just like when Anthony Fauci said in 2017 that the Trump administration “will see a surprise outbreak,” Gates is equally certain about another global pandemic arising.

There will be another pandemic in the pattern of COVID-19. Not maybe or possibly but will.

Gates doubled-down on this in early 2022 at the Munich Security Conference, when asked if he believes we are prepared for the next pandemic:

“The cost of being ready for the next pandemic is not super large . . . You know, global surveillance capability would cost like a billion a year. The R&D that we need to do to get magic vaccines and diagnostics and therapeutics, you know, that’s less than 100 billion over the next decade. So, if we’re rational, yes, the next time we’ll catch it early and it won’t go global like it did this time” (my emphasis).

Not only does Gates affirm the next pandemic but bluntly states the elitist plan for utilizing “magic vaccines” and global surveillance to “combat it.”

Magic vaccines . . . really?

Forget about gaffes, Joe Biden recently came out and directly told us what to expect regarding the engineered virus game that the elites are playing. When asked on a press conference about the need for acquiring (read, stealing) more money toward injecting our children with deadly shots, Biden had something rather curious to say:

“We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic; there’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead.”

I want to draw specific attention to this comment. Biden, cognitively impaired as he is, was doing his best to fulfill the task of speaking the words that his handlers gave to him. The next pandemic will no more be his work than the first, but “Joey Nibbler’s” words reflect the views of the puppeteers who are pulling his strings.

Notice this: Biden did not simply say “another pandemic” but spoke about a second pandemic.

A second one. How deeply telling.

Think about that. Through a man possessing no more intellect than a lobotomized billy goat, the global elites broadcasted—as they nearly always do—their plans to unleash COVID 2.0. Maybe a “sigma” variant is right around the corner. Who can say? This, of course, may not be a coronavirus at all but undoubtedly will be a virus in like manner. Thus, the expression, second pandemic.

What, if not COVID-19, was the “first pandemic”?

The world has seen pandemics since time eternal, so the plain meaning of this phrase is inescapable. In all of human history, only the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has been used to completely uproot virtually every aspect of society and change the world forever (i.e. “new normal”). It is the pandemic.

Those with ears to hear know exactly what Biden intended, even if he didn’t.

Many others have made reference to the certainty (and imminence) of another, COVID-like pandemic, such as Warren Buffet’s 2021 statement:

“There will be another pandemic. We know that. We know there’s a nuclear, chemical, biological and now cyber threat” (my emphasis).

If anyone is wondering about what is in store for us, they shouldn’t be. We have heard, straight from the horse’s mouth, that there will be—without any shadow of a doubt—not only “another” pandemic but, specifically, a second pandemic.

Doubt it not!

What’s more is that scientists from around the world are already concocting the list of “natural” explanations for the second pandemic. Just as bat or pangolin was to SARS-CoV-2, mosquitos, camels, pigs or possums might be to their next biolab masterpiece.

In short, all this means exactly what people like me have been saying from the beginning of the entire COVID ordeal: they’re going to do “it” again. And why not? It’s not as though a single soul has ever paid—and to me, will ever pay here on earth—for their crimes against humanity. At this point in history, the global elites have obtained too much power for such a thing to occur. So, for the world’s “peasantry,” all the arrows are pointing in the same direction.

In practical terms, this means a repeat of 2020 but probably on steroids.

Get ready for lockdowns, masks mandates, mRNA injections, and endless fear propaganda. This one, however, will likely push us into the final leg of the human journey: the Final World Order, so to speak. I have said since early 2020 that COVID is the Great Lie that will enable the Final World Order to take shape, and this becomes more evident with each passing day.

Everything they have done in the last two years was enabled by what they did through their “novel” coronavirus. Virtually all of it. (Discussed more in the next section)

Now, they have the next step in mind. And just remember one thing: they told us in advance. But just like Event 201 and all the ways that COVID-19 was announced beforehand, most will not believe it.

But how are so many oblivious to the plan when those executing it simply reveal it aloud, without consternation or the slightest fear of reprisal? I continue to come up with only one logical answer: most of the world is under a spiritual delusion.

Biden, and the rest of the members of the dark cabal, simply misspoke. They didn’t really mean “that,” right?


Despite our best hopes, there has never been a mass awakening or a global “red pill” moment. In general, those who fell for the Lie in 2020 will go off the cliff for this one.

You can count on it.


In conclusion, this brief article is about one thing: our need to be aware of what is next.

On top of historic inflation, economic chaos throughout the world, the emergence of unprecedented food crises, our entrance into WW3, the unfolding transhumanistic agenda, and the certainty of a Great Reset, there is—and really, has always been—the assurance that COVID-19 will not be the last global pandemic of our current time.

I have provided some evidence—and, frankly, sufficient evidence—of this here alone. However, for those who really want to see the entire picture of what is going on in the world, I point you toward two different resources.

The first is my book, System of the Beast: The Terrifying World Emerging Before Us.

The second resource is my extensive documentary on Rumble called, System of the Beast: Unveiling the Final World Order.

Both catalog the entire virus agenda and point toward the spiritual realities it represents. I cannot explain the dire situation we find ourselves in any clearer than I do within these two works, and I am not suggesting them for monetary gain or any sort of notoriety.

I am suggesting them because there is no more important issue that one could consider today and, in both resources, I point readers/viewers to many other sources that can help them to uncover the truth.

The events of today are not political, economic, or anything of the sort; they are spiritual.


I pray that everyone reading this will understand that and prepare accordingly.

The Truth Behind the “Star of David”

Being fully aware that I have pushed into uncomfortable territory in several blogs and within my recent video—System of the Beast—I figure that I may as well go all the way with my thoughts on the current state of Israel.

I will be blunt and say that, while I certainly affirm that the nation of Israel represented God’s chosen people throughout the OT, the nation that has existed in the Middle East since 1948 is definitely NOT the same “Israel.” Far from it. I will not rehash my many reasons for taking this stance here and now, but instead will refer you to my article that specifically discussed this matter. Please see, Is Israel God’s Chosen Nation?

At present, I wish to discuss something that has become both an identity marker for the state of Israel and a cherished symbol for those who support it. I am referring to the famous Star of David. Or, as I will show you, the so-called Star of David.

Through much research into the dark world of Freemasonry and its Satanic purposes, I can confidently say that this “holy” symbol is nothing of the sort. Like so many other things, the reality does not match the story we have been told.

Rather, it’s just another piece of evidence confirming that this world is run by none other than Satan himself.


Anyone who has ever investigated the origin and meaning of the Star of David—or the “Magen David” (mah-gen dah-veed), meaning the “Shield of David”—can affirm that the matter is a muddled mess. There is no consensus on how it came to be, or what it’s even supposed to stand for. Yes, you can find a plethora of sources claiming to understand these riddles. However, there is almost never any concrete facts provided, and there certainly isn’t a coherent story.

Historically, this six-pointed star (or hexagram) was associated with King Solomon and is often called the “Seal of Solomon.”

In medieval mystical traditions, the Seal is the signet ring that was possessed by Solomon. Supposedly, it was enchanted with mysterious powers. In the pseudepigraphical (or, falsely attributed) text, the Testament of Solomonwritten by an unknown author/s, perhaps between the first and third centuries A.D.—Solomon receives the ring from the Archangel, Michael. This granted Solomon the power to summon demons and perform all manner of magic spells. Specifically, Solomon was able to control these spirits and command them to erect the Temple of God.

Not surprisingly, the “Seal of Solomon” is used in Witchcraft circles. I will discuss this connection more in the next section. However, it’s worth noting now that, in Witcraft, this symbol is called the “Second Pentacle of Jupiter” and is used as a “magical Seal for acquiring glory, honors, riches, and tranquility of mind.” It often looks like the image below.

Given its unholy origins, this symbol would only become more sacrilegious as time went on.

Concerning its later connection to King David, one of the most popular theories posited—which is made by those who are defending Israel and its sacred symbol—is that the Star was derived from King David’s statements about God being his “shield” (see Psa. 3:3 and 28:7). Supposedly, and at various unknown times, stories developed within the rabbinical communities about David going out to battle with a shield that was either shaped like a six-pointed star or was engraved with one.

How one gets from David calling God “his shield” to David going into battle with a six-pointed star on his shield is unexplained.

Rather than using this convoluted line of speculations, some have attempted to make the connection through evaluating the very shape of the Star itself. As the Board of Jewish Education puts it:

“Many Jewish scholars have attributed religious significance to the symbol. For instance, some believe that the top triangle strives upwards, towards God, while the lower triangle strives downwards, towards the real world. Others note that the linking of the triangles is symbolic of the Jewish people, interlocked and inseparable.”

What information are such conclusions based upon? No one knows.

As mentioned earlier, these theories are almost entirely based on speculation and come from a position that wants to find a perfectly acceptable explanation for the symbol that has come to mark the nation of Israel. Even those who try to explain the Star’s origins in positive terms cannot avoid admitting that its Jewish implications were derived from Kabbalistic practices. This means that ancient mysticism brought us the present day meaning of the Star of David.

Further, many Jewish sources—who defend the Star, mind you—acknowledge that it has only been associated with Israel in modern times. They must admit that the connection is not one that has been firmly rooted in history.

All this is probably why these theories have never satisfied those with strong historical insight or a nose for truth. The greatly esteemed Jewish academic, Gershom Scholem, studied the Star perhaps more than anyone in history and concluded that it is not an ancient Jewish symbol. Rather, it was a magical emblem—a “mystical talisman,” of sorts—that was merely adopted by Jews in the 19th century. Scholem stated his overall view very plainly:

“The Magen David is not a Jewish symbol, and therefore not the ‘symbol of Judaism’.”

Finding concrete ways to link the Star with the ancient nation of Israel has eluded its most ardent proponents. Or perhaps they just aren’t willing to accept what it really means.


If the Star of David is shrouded in historical mystery, what can we make of it?

I have a theory on the matter. Unlike the others mentioned, I will provide concrete reasons why this theory is the most plausible. Nay, that it is simply factual. For the record, I did not enter this topic with an agenda. In fact—and as I have said elsewhere—I used to believe that the current nation of Israel is God’s chosen people and that their iconic symbol reflected that reality.

The first place people of faith should start is with the Bible. Is there any evidence in favor of this six-pointed star being associated with King David or with the nation of Israel in general? The short answer is an emphatic no. There is not a single verse of Scripture making this connection. Nowhere does it associate a star with David or the Jewish people.

The complete lack of evidence linking the “Star of David” with David or the nation of Israel is extremely telling. Since the Old Testament is by far the key source of information about such matters, one would surely expect a symbol of such alleged importance to at least once be connected to David or Israel. It’s simply not.

This leads to another piece of critical evidence. I have discussed Freemasonry—Satanism’s “magic cloak”—at great length in other blogs, and Freemasonry is riddled with signs and symbols. Would it surprise you to know that, among them, is a certain six-pointed star? Yes, the same star that appears on Israel’s flag also shows up within Masonic lodges and on their precious trinkets. Take a look at this video, for example. Below are some of the images taken from it.

Further, here is an incredibly obvious connection from a popular Freemason lodge in Europe.

The Square and Compass in the center of a pentagram gives this away as a Freemason emblem. It’s curious, then, that the “Star of David” has been combined with these symbols.

Unlike the explanation of the Star provided earlier by the Board of Jewish Education , Freemasons—and members of other secret societies—see it somewhat differently. 33rd degree Freemason and author of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert Mackey, explains the real meaning behind this star symbol:

Not surprisingly, this male-female symbolism—which is rooted in sexuality, since Freemasonry is fundamentally a sex cult—shows up in the most iconic Freemason symbol: the Square and Compass.

Note that the Square and Compass is formed by two interlaced triangles (though modified), as is the “Star of David.” Coincidence?

It should also be noted that the “secret art” of Freemasonry is none other than Witchcraft. If you recall, the hexagram passing as the “Seal of Solomon” has been used in the black arts. It’s no surprise, then, that Witchcraft books are also chock-full of allusions to the Star of David—which is the same symbol with a different name. Often times, the Star even takes center stage on the front covers.

Even more disturbing is that the all-seeing eye—which is a hallmark of Freemasonry and is undoubtedly a reference to Lucifer (see here)—is frequently placed within the Star, further proving the Satanic connection at play.

Take a look at the following examples, of which there are many more to be found:

Note the “all-seeing eye” in the center of most of these books. It’s the same eye that is often placed within the Square and Compass, which is worshipped by Freemasons and Satanic groups of all stripes.

We must stop and ask the question: why does this symbol—the “sacred” and “holy” symbol of David and God’s people—show up all over Freemasonry lodges and their beloved trinkets, as well as on (and within) Witchcraft literature?

For good measure, just take a look at how this symbol is used in all manner of religions and Satanic causes. Trust me, this is just a small sampling of its uses.

There is something else, too. Unlike the lack of biblical evidence for the Star of David being attached to David or God’s people, there is biblical evidence that the symbol is “pagan” (read “Satanic”).

Acts 7:43 reads as follows:

“You have taken up the tabernacle of Molek and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will send you into exile’ beyond Babylon” (my emphasis).

If you don’t think this verse—and the OT passage it’s quoting (Amos 5:26)—is talking about what would later be called the Star of David, then I implore you to see this Google search for the “Star of Remphan.”

If you look at it, you will find exactly the same image that is being passed off as the Star of David.

Remphan (or Rephan) was a prominent pagan deity. He was known as the “star god,” and was also called Saturn or Moloch. Remphan is who is really being honored with this six-pointed star, and it has been utilized and propagated through the innumerable secret (and Satanic) societies of our time, of which Freemasonry is king.

I challenge anyone to find evidence of this symbol being associated with Israel in the ancient past. It isn’t there. Could it be that, yet again, things are not what they seem to be. Have we been lied to about this issue, too? At this point, that should be a rhetorical question.

Personally, I am growing tired of the endless parade of lies. So little of what we are told is actually the truth these days: so very little.


Let’s call the so-called “Star of David” what it really is: the Star of Remphan. Far from being a sign of holiness and purity, the symbol is unholy and impure. In fact, it’s simply Satanic.

You may not want to believe this, and I take no joy in proclaiming it. But such is the way of the world. Satan—the “god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4)—oversees virtually everything. I have done my best to show this within my many blogs and videos, but I’m afraid that the “hole” is far blacker and deeper than any one person can expose. In fact, it’s blacker and deeper than an entire army of spiritual warriors can expose.

Who can fathom the depths of Satan?

I fully understand how difficult it is to accept much of this, as I had to walk down that forlorn path myself. However, what I came to realize is that the Bible is flat out telling the truth. It’s telling the truth, and most of humanity is not. The world really is corrupt and fallen, and Satan really does control almost every part of it.

With this in mind, is it really absurd to think that Satan has infiltrated the very nation that God once used to bring salvation to the world? I might suggest that not only is this a reasonable proposition, but that it should actually be expected. Nowhere is evil more powerful than when it masquerades as good. False prophets, teachers, and “people of the cloth” have done more spiritual damage to Christ’s followers over the centuries than any ruthless dictator.

As we know, Satan himself “masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:14). And why does he do that? Simply put: he knows that’s how he can wreak the most havoc.

Satan lives to corrupt God’s Creation, His people, and all His holy works.

In this case, Satan has used both the current nation of Israel and its beloved “Star of Remphan” for his own evil purposes. In doing so, he has yet again deceived the world.

Making the Pact: Part Two

Becoming famous and acquiring power in this corrupt world almost always requires two things: the right connections and, more importantly, a pact with Satan. Usually, the two go hand in hand.

In Part One of Making the Pact, I provided three perfect examples of how this works by evaluating Yungblud, Bob Dylan, and Pete Davidson. In Part Two, I show three women who have made it to stardom in quite the same way.

Check out the video here on Rumble.

*For those who are willing to see the entire picture of how Satan has taken hold of our world, see my longer video, System of the Beast: Unveiling the Final World Order.

Is This Really the End?

I want to take a pause from some of the things I have been writing and speaking about recently to revisit a very crucial topic: the end times.

In myriad blogs over the last couple of years, I have discussed many aspects of how our world is heading towards its conclusion and a head-on collision with Jesus Christ. For those interested in a particular topic, below is a list of the different articles I have written.

(You can click any of the links to access the piece.)

The Great Delusion

The Great Apostasy

The Mark of the Beast

The so-called “Rapture

The Millennial Reign

The Resurrection

End Time Essentials

Each of these articles elaborates on the specified subject in a way that I will not here. Instead, this article is about putting it all together.

I want to tell you exactly why I think we are close to the very end: why we are living in the “last days,” so to speak.


It’s certainly true that almost every generation of believers has felt as though the end was imminent, and that they were going to be around when the curtain finally closed on our current age.

Curiously, I have found that this generation—that is, 21st century “believers”—tends to reject the idea that we are close to the end. Yes, some of us see the writing on the wall and can read the tea leaves. However, most people that I either speak with or observe just can’t allow themselves to believe it.

Some are afraid of such a prospect, while others simply love this world a little too much to let it go.

With this said, I firmly believe that we truly are close to seeing Christ return and everything that will accompany it. There are two distinct reasons for this. The first cannot be expanded upon in much detail, and it’s the simple fact that the world is now completely interconnected. Contrary to every other time in history—and I do mean every other time—both communication and major events span countries and involve the entire globe.

For starters, let’s consider the “advancements” that technology has brought us. Big Tech—that is, companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like—effects citizens all over the world through its various platforms. For all intents and purposes, people can buy, sell, and communicate with others across continents thanks to Big Tech’s wonderous powers. More to the point, the internet in general connects the four corners of the world in almost every meaningful way. Information can pass from Japan to America, then to Australia, and then to Germany in a matter of seconds. Insert whatever countries you’d like into the chain, and the same can be said.

Everything is digitally connected, including our personal profiles and even much of our banking information. It’s no wonder that every other commercial on television is about protecting your identity, your home mortgage, or some other personal asset. It’s all available online for the world to discover. All of it.

For example, how much time did people spend worrying about identity theft before the 1990’s or early 2000’s? You know the answer: virtually none. Now, it’s exponentially accelerating every year, just like the 68% increase we saw between 2020 and 2021.

Another piece of the puzzle was displayed in spades through the COVID-19 scamdemic. The introduction of the virus into the world saw a uniform set of guidelines, orders, and mandates almost universally across the globe. From mask mandates, to the completely arbitrary social distancing rules, and right up to the mass injection campaign—which is still being waged at the tip of a needle—the global elites have been in perfect alignment.

World health crises are now overseen through the World Health Organization (WHO), and all its dictatorial henchmen, in nearly every country. In fact, the WHO is working on a “pandemic treaty” at this very moment. If (when?) passed, it could grant the WHO absolute control over how the many countries of the world respond to global outbreaks.

There will be one corrupt ring of pharmaceutical gangsters to rule them all. The WHO—and the COVID-19 lie, at large—displayed that the entire world is now on the same page regarding global health crises. Such a thing would have been unthinkable to every other generation of people on earth.

Moreover, none of this—I repeat, none of this—was possible even 2-3 decades ago; the technology and communications capabilities just weren’t in place yet. There is no way that such a uniform response to the generated crisis would have been possible until now. Just take a look at how the media responds to events. I know: absolutely incredible! Yes, the world is simply nothing like it was at any other point in human history. It is now completely interconnected and, hence, primed for global governance. Put more succinctly, we now have a one-world government.

This can be neither ignored nor refuted and, though it has not manifest itself in all ways (yet), it certainly has in many.  


This leads to the second reason why I believe we are living in the very last days: every end time expectation is being realized and, as I said, on a global scale. Let me explain exactly what I mean.

Calling back to the COVID-19 agenda, we saw firsthand what a global lie looks like. In fact, I have been consistent in saying that the “novel coronavirus” pandemic is the Great Lie of our time . . . if not all time. Put another way, it either is the scenario that Paul described in 2 Thessalonians 2 or it looks very much like it. Paul said the following, concerning the last days:

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness” (2 The. 2:9-12).

I emphasized the repeating words “the lie” for good reason. In what Paul describes as a sea of lies—“all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing”—there is one that emerges as a Great Lie. Some massive falsehood enters the world, and God sends a “strong delusion”—literally a “working of delusion”—to ensure that those who are spiritually blind are taken in by the Lie. This all sounds almost exactly like what happened over the last 2+ years, concerning COVID-19.

A man-made virus was unleashed on the world that was nowhere near as deadly as alleged, and the world powers used this to scare the population and race toward their “Great Reset/New World Order/Build Back Better/New Normal/etc.” reality.

With me so far?

So, it’s completely possible that the Great Lie and the associated Delusion have been in process since 2020. For those interested in more on why I feel this way, please see this blog.

Of course, it must also be noted that Jesus said there will be an increase in pestilence (Lk. 21:11). Well, COVID-19 certainly ushered in a new era in that regard, too. Though they are now ramping up monkeypox and whatever else they can create in their many biolabs, COVID was the catalyst; it set the worldwide precedent.

All they need to do now—and they will/are—is rinse and repeat. Unleash a virus. Scare the world. Jab the world. Unleash. Scare. Jab. You get the picture.  

Another major prophecy is being fulfilled (I believe), and it’s the Great Apostasy. Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 that the end “will not come unless the apostasy comes first . . .”.  This “apostasy,” or the mass falling away of Christians from the faith, was also discussed in other passages (see Mt. 24:10-13 and 2 Tim. 4:3-4, for two examples). It is undoubtedly something that Christians should be looking to see in the last days.

Well, guess what: we are seeing it, right here and now.

On a global scale, the church—epitomized by its leaders—has become feckless, spiritually complacent, and generally corrupt over the last several years and decades. Many have followed Caesar’s culture and embraced homosexuality, transgenderism, and of course the COVID agenda. A lot of churches fell head-first into the business of lockdowns, masking, and deadly injections. In fact, many became vaccination centers to bolster Caesar’s cause. These are only a few of the more powerful pieces of evidence that the apostate church has emerged.

In essence, the church has become indistinguishable from the rest of the world that Satan runs. Most of the time, you literally can’t tell the two apart. Most churches are always busy, but never doing anything. They ignore the most pressing issues of our time—like everything I am discussing here—choosing instead to focus on trivial matters while peddling the feel-good doctrines of men. When they do talk about a pressing matter, they usually come down on the wrong side. Whether it’s the BLM riots of 2020, the entrance of COVID-19 into the world, or the absurdity of our “elections”—which are now simply selections—they typically take the side of the world.

Those on the pulpit end up sounding like the bought-and-paid-for news anchors that have forever tarred our media outlets.

This can all be clearly seen in the actions of our many faith leaders—the “Blind Guides of the Apostate Church”—but also in the practice of local churches around the world. For more on the matter, see this blog.

Moving on, Jesus gave us this description about the state of the world at the very end:

“Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains” (Mt. 24:4-8).

That’s right: the world will see “wars and rumors of wars.” Now, it is true that such things have existed in all generations. But again, we are now dealing with a whole new beast. Numerous countries on earth possess nuclear weapons, and some of the variety we can hardly fathom. There are electromagnetic weapons that are designed to explode above power grids, which would destroy every aspect of life for the country being attacked. Russia now claims to possess Sarmat missiles—known as the “Satan 2” in the West—that could destroy the entire eastern coast of the United States.

Forget the fact that, even back in the 1940s, the US brought unspeakable devastation upon Japan with two atomic bombs. I am not weighing in on the use of those bombs here, but am simply saying that such monstrosities have existed for more than eighty years.

More than this, malevolent bioweapons of all sorts have been concocted in labs around the world. I would argue that WWIII has already commenced, and it did so when China—with the help of the US government and other players—developed and released a bioweapon on the planet in late Fall of 2019. Yes, I am once again referring to the virus that causes the COVID-19 infection: SARS-CoV-2.

If you doubt that this is true, I urge you to watch at least the first couple sections of my video, System of the Beast. There, I show in plain detail—and using their own words—that our NIH worked hand in hand with the Chinese government to create the virus. Moreover, I prove that it was no accident; it was thoroughly and demonstrably intentional. Lastly, the global elites have promised us that the next pandemic is right around the corner. This, as they have begun to raise the alarms about monkeypox.

Nightmarish weapons—the likes of which were incomprehensible before the 20th century—exist all over the globe and are controlled by sadistic madmen. As most of us know, Russia and Ukraine are presently embroiled in war, and I will only say that things there are not what they seem, either. Check out what Lara Logan had to say, because she nailed it.

Further, China has long been looking to invade Taiwan and even recently released a video showing just that. Meanwhile, the US sends billions of dollars it doesn’t have to aid Ukraine, while largely ignoring China and blaming everything but the last ice-age on Vladimir Putin.

Not only is the world a mess, but every narrative is a convoluted hotbed of lies and deceptions. Whatever the truth really is—because neither our government officials nor the media will ever tell us—we know that war is ramping up, and it could get really ugly at any moment. In fact, it will in the near future.

To show just one more example of why I believe the end is near, consider that we are also seeing unprecedented famines. Back in the summer of 2020, even representatives from the WHO—the very organization that urged all the COVID shenanigans—admitted that the world’s response to the virus would result in unfathomable devastation:

“Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”

(As an aside, did you notice how virtually every global crisis is connected to COVID-19? As I said, it very well may be the Great Lie. In any event, it has certainly served as the catalyst for about every evil thing under the sun since early 2020.)

Add to the famine crises unprecedented inflation and transportation prices, radical decreases in available fertilizer, and the assurance of more pandemics, and the conclusion is simple: we are steaming toward destruction.

So, there you have it. A completely connected world? Thanks to the internet, check. Pestilence? Check. A Lie and a Delusion? To me, check. The rise of the apostate church? Check. Wars and rumors of wars? Check. The overall emergence of a global force that is dead-set on world domination? Check mate.

As I mentioned—and I cannot emphasize this enough—all these realities now exist at a level the world has never seen. In fact, they exist at a level that has only recently become possible. You see, it’s not about one or two of these prophecies being fulfilled. It’s also not about things happening in particular regions or countries within the world.

No, this is about every major biblical expectation being realized simultaneously and across the entire globe. That is the difference. That is what makes me feel like we are close to the end.

I wait now only for the revealing of the “man of sin” (2 The. 2:3-4), or the so-called Antichrist. That could happen literally at any time and, personally, I suspect that he already walks among us.

These are perilous times, friends. Draw close to Christ and hide yourselves in him, for the hour seems near.

For a lot more on these issues, check out both the book and video for System of the Beast.

Making the Pact: Part One

Click here to watch the video on Rumble

Contrary to what you might think, becoming famous is easy: really easy.

It’s so easy, in fact, that it often requires only a miniscule measure of talent, brains, looks, charisma, and likability. Sometimes, it involves none of these qualities.

Rather . . . all it really requires is a pact.

In this short video, I provide three perfect examples to consider: Musicians Yunglblud and Bob Dylan, and comedian Pete Davidson.

As you will see, their stardom had very little to do with their abilities and almost everything to do with what they were willing to give up.

View the video here and enjoy!

Elon Musk: Freedom Fighter or Dark Globalist?

(Check out my recent video, System of the Beast, exposing the Final World Order and its nefarious origins.)

Given both the importance and the timeliness of the subject, I felt compelled to cover this topic immediately. While it may seem like a small matter to some, I believe this is another example that speaks directly to how we perceive the world around us.

Like so many things these days—be it the COVID-19 agenda, the sudden “virtuous” nature of Ukraine, and others—Elon Musk has become the “cause du jour” that most everyone has jumped on board to support.

The same people who typically buy into lies have accepted this one, yes, but so have others that you might not expect. Even some on my list of “trusted news sources” have dipped their feet into the Musk pond, seemingly embracing his meteoric rise as a savior of the little people: a restorer of free speech, a friend of the common man (and woman), and a globalist elite “gone rogue.”

That’s what we are told, at least.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, the common “narrative” on most every issue these days should be taken—on its face—as a complete lie. At the least, it’s virtually never all that it’s supposed to be.

The same is true regarding Mr. Musk, the “anti-woke freedom fighter.”


I hate to break this to you, but Elon Musk is an evil man. He is one within a vast network of human beings who have gained global power and sold their souls to get there. As I detailed in my expansive video on the Final World Order and others (like Altiyan Childs) have shown through their efforts, people rarely become rich, famous, powerful, and in the spotlight without being corrupt: really corrupt.

Your favorite artists, actors and actresses, politicians, and what have you, did not get to where they are on talent and hard work alone. Don’t get me wrong, many of our so-called “icons” are tremendously talented, intelligent, beautiful, and even hard-working. But there are countless other human beings on Planet Earth that are just as talented, intelligent, beautiful, and hard-working.

But those in the spotlight have two things that the rest of us haven’t got: a pact with Satan and the right connections. Not surprisingly, the two typically go hand in hand.

Trust me: Elon Musk is no different. Let’s look at the reasons why we can be sure of this.


Let’s start with those around Elon, say, in his very own family. How about his dear old mom? It takes no time flat to see that Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, is not only a model—no doubt based on her figure alone (not)—but is also an active Satanist. She has made this known most evidently in the signs and symbols she incessantly flashes. The following examples remove all doubt, as I explain beneath each image.

As they so love to do, Maye is covering her eye (thus, emphasizing the other) in homage to the “one-eyed god.” This is perhaps the most common sign portrayed by Freemasons and the Satanic cult in general. It is linked to the “eye of Horus” in Egyptian mythology, but has become ubiquitous across most religions and cultures. In short, this “eye” is the eye of Lucifer.

Like the pictures above, Maye is finding creative ways to emphasize one eye. In particular, the image on the left shows her holding one lens of her glasses. This is a very popular way of drawing attention to one eye, though it is lesser used than some of the others.

If there are remaining doubts, this photo on the cover of Gloria Magazine is a smoking gun. Not only is Maye emphasizing one eye but is doing so while flashing the 666 hand sign. This if irrefutable evidence that she is a worshipper of Satan.

What about Elon’s beloved father: is he any different? It is much more difficult to find information on Errol Musk, which is at least partially because he and Elon are alleged to be estranged. As such, there is very little out there—that I could find, at least—directly linking him to Freemasonry or the global Satanic cult. There are no “smoking gun” images at least, as there are with everyone else presented here.

However, we can determine his dark nature via other means. According to Elon, himself, his father is one evil man:

“He was such a terrible human being. […] My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil. He will plan evil.”

Elsewhere, he said:

“You have no idea about how bad. Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he has done. Almost every evil thing you could possibly think of, he has done.”

One of those “evil things” was undoubtedly fathering a child with his former stepdaughter. Yes, I said stepdaughter. At the time this occurred (2018), Errol was seventy-two years old and she was only thirty.

It is fair to say that Elon Musk did not fall from a tree of virtue.

Some will retort that one cannot pick their parents. Fair enough. So, what about those people Elon has willingly surrounded himself with? I don’t know, like his chosen romantic companions. If you are not familiar with the musician, Grimes, then you are in for a big surprise. Musk apparently had something of an open (and very strange) relationship with Grimes for several years, even having two children with her.

She leaves absolutely no doubt about the Dark Lord she serves.

The image on the left announces to the world that she is indeed involved in the dark art of witchcraft, and the image on the right is one of many that show her as some sort of demon.

Here, Grimes covers her eye just like Maye Musk. The images of the upside down cross and the Satanic pentagram show us precisely what emphasizing the eye is all about.
This photo puts it all together. Not only is she throwing up double 666 hand signs, but she is wearing a sweater featuring the all-seeing eye. It all fits.

Finally, let’s look at Elon Musk himself. What is he really about? First, it’s important to note that Elon displays—though less ferociously—many of the same signs that tend to accompany Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Satanic cult at large. Observe the following examples, where I again explain the meaning beneath the picture.

Elon typically reveals his signs more covertly than many others. Here, he places a hand on his chin and then puts both together to do the same. The latter is a lesser-known sign called the “Uttarabodhi Mudra.” This is popularly used to express “enlightenment,” as in the person doing the sign has reached a higher level of understanding than the peasantry. This is at the heart of the Illuminati and is connected to the greater Satanic cult.

Since the previous sign is probably one you haven’t come across often, let me point you to this video on the subject and show one more glaring example. Below, “Jesus-loving patriot,” Clay Clark, shows the “Uttarabodhi Mudra” as clearly as possible. This is but one of Clark’s many signs and symbols that expose him as a fraud, but I will deal with him in another blog or video soon enough.

While the execution is slightly different, make no mistake that the same meaning is at play here as above with Musk.

If you are not convinced by Musk’s previous photos, then perhaps this will help. While Musk is typically stealthier than most in his usage of key signs and symbols, occasionally he gives us the goods in obvious fashion.

The 666 hand sign, clear as crystal.

Case and point.

If you are still skeptical about these signs I am showing you and whether they actually indicate one’s involvement in the Satanic cult, I can only suggest that you start the long and very deep dive down this endless hole. Start here and observe the links throughout the blog.

Besides these tell-tale signs, Musk’s outward agenda is nothing short of a transhumanistic nightmare. Just watch this short clip about Neuralink, Musk’s artificial intelligence (AI) brainchild. Really, watch it.

As noted in the video, Musk has an undying obsession with merging human beings with AI and creating a world bereft of the image of God. Musk wants nothing less than a complete “symbiosis” of human beings with robotics. In fact, Musk has even referred to the AI enterprise as “summoning the demon.” Yes, the demon. Effectively, this is a quest to create a new Tower of Babel.

One might even view Musk as the new Nimrod: the very one in charge of this novel “tower” that is being built into the heavens.

Musk’s obsession with fusing humanity with artificial intelligence is clearly echoed within Grimes’ 2018 macabre tune, “We Appreciate Power.” Watching the video will of course provide a better look into the darkness, but here are a few of the key takeaways:

“People like to say that we’re insane
But AI will reward us when it reigns
Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer
Simulation: it’s the future”

. . .

“And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
If you’re not backed up on a drive
And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
If you’re not backed up, backed up on a drive”

Along the way, Grimes repeats catchphrases like “What will it take to make you capitulate?” and “We appreciate Power,” which is of course the name of the song.

If you are not familiar with those currently pushing the “Great Reset” and their sick transhumanist ideals, you can see them on the final section of my video, System of the Beast. What you’ll find is that people like Klaus Schwab and his sadistic advisor, Yuval Noah Harrari, are of one mind with Grimes in her worship of AI and her obsession with a transhumanistic future.

Obviously, so is Elon Musk.


It seems that human beings are always looking for a human savior to pull them out of the darkness and trample underfoot the evil forces that oppose us. Nowhere is this more evident in recent history than with Donald Trump, but this goes back into all parts of history. I recall the Israelites crying out to God for a human king (1 Sam. 8), even though their human judges had failed them for so long.

Yes, humanity always seeks a human savior but ignores the heavenly Savior.

As with all others before him, Elon Musk is being pushed into a role that he simply doesn’t fit: not by a landslide. I wish I could tell you that Elon Musk is the human “savior” that we need right now. I wish I could tell you that he is a wonderful man who is out to protect the “peasantry” from the terrors of Twitter and Big Tech. I wish I could tell you that Musk is a “globalist gone rogue,” and that he is now battling the very monster that spawned him.

I wish . . .

Alas, I cannot in good conscience make any such claims. In fact, Musk is pushing the very agenda that he is allegedly “opposing.”

Have you figured out yet that projection is “their” favorite strategy? It’s worked rather well for Satan (2 Cor. 11:14), so it’s no surprise that his human servants have adopted the practice.

The fact is, Elon Musk is a globalist of globalists. As such, his god is his appetite and his glory is in his shame. He did not become one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth because of his great affinity for charity or his unwavering commitment to the good of humanity. Musk didn’t even achieve his status solely through hard work and a superior intellect; virtually no one does. Instead, Musk got there the same way they (almost) all have: through corruption and a willingness to literally sell his soul for success.

Musk is at the forefront of the globalist agenda to dehumanize humanity by “transhumanizing” it. Of that, there can be no doubt. But what about his heroics in battling Big Tech?

Even if Musk does buy Twitter . . . and even if Twitter were to become “freer” and more open to alternative voices, how long will that last? And how do we know that this isn’t being done to further implicate 2020 election “truthers” or January 6th supporters, or to catalog those who reject the entire COVID-19 agenda—along with its death shots—or to bomb Twitter users with fake accounts that spread constant propaganda, or any number of other possibilities?

All we really need to do is look at the man who is supposed to make this all possible. When we examine Elon Musk (and his cronies), we hardly see the beautiful image of freedom and liberty.

Musk has willingly enslaved himself to the one-eyed god. Why would we expect that he wants something different for the rest of us?

Video: System of the Beast – Unveiling the Final World Order

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Through much time and research, I have completed a highly detailed video unveiling the Satanic plan to control the world. Without exaggeration, this may change the way you understand every part of the world around you.

Satan’s dark system is nearing its climax and his human pawns are crawling out from the deep recesses of the earth. This video traces the entire plan from ancient times up to its present manifestations, even showing what they have planned next, who “they” are, and how the Satanic system will be torn down in front of us.

This is available only on Rumble (and you might imagine why).

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