The Rapture Lie

The notion of a secret “Rapture” that splits Christ’s return into two parts is a pervasive lie within many parts of the church. In this video, I help to dispel the myth.

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Author: Brian M. Rossiter

I am a Christian teacher, author, and lecturer. Most importantly, I am a truth-seeker. My research has led me to both believe in and defend the veracity of the Bible, evaluating my own personal views in light of its teachings along the way. In addition to my blogs, I have written several books: "The Death Myth," "God Made the Aliens," "Spiritual Things," and most recently, "Missing Verses: 15 Beliefs the Bible Doesn't Teach." My hope in these endeavors is to give skeptics reasons to believe, to strengthen the faith of those who already do, and to challenge each of us to truly evaluate our own worldviews.

2 thoughts on “The Rapture Lie”

  1. Brian, I posted the following comment at your site: “I may not agree with everything stated but, overall, good presentation. One point: at times the title conflicts with the content. What you’re saying is NOT that “The Rapture is a Lie”, but rather that a particular version (or view) of the Rapture is a lie. To wit: at about 21:38 you say that “… there is a Rapture” but then at about 23:21 you say “the Rapture is a lie”. The title should reflect this. Otherwise, it’s misleading. From my own studies (long ago!), the issue boils down to 4 positions: no Rapture at all, ever; Pre-Trib Rapture; Mid-Trib Rapture; or, Post-Trib Rapture. From the presentation, it wasn’t clear (to me) if you favor the Mid-Trib or the Post-Trib position.” Jorge *************************************************************************************************


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