Introduction and purpose of angels-aliens

This is the post excerpt.

Over the years, I have become aware of the myriad of ways that beings of higher intelligence, understanding, and power have reached out to the world.  We see these interactions in the writings and traditions of various world religions,  in the complex architecture of ancient cultures, through history’s most significant figures, and many other ways.  The central question behind all of this is, what type of beings are we talking about?  Are those from the “ancient astronaut” background right, and extraterrestrials from another place in the cosmos are responsible for these interactions?  Are those from religious backgrounds like Christianity, Hinduism, or Islam correct, and we are dealing with entities from perhaps another realm of existence all-together?  Which is it: angels, aliens, or something else entirely?  On this site, I will explore many of the mysteries that surround the possible points of contact between these beings of advanced knowledge and power and humanity.  This will include subjects like the Nephilim (giant peoples), the incredibly strange nature of the numbers three and seven, issues of possession, the cosmic battle between good and evil, and even the nature of divine beings found within the writings of the ancient world.  Hopefully, these studies will reveal that there is immense room for discussion between those from the Ancient Alien background and those of us who believe in a creator God.  More importantly,  we may be able to shed some light on the ultimate identity of the intelligent forces that have reached out to us throughout human history.  If we are willing to  keep an open mind and  follow the truth wherever it leads,  I believe that we can gain much greater insight into the details of those beings who surpass our human levels of power and understanding.  Who knows, we may even come to know them personally.

Welcome to the search!

-Brian Rossiter

Author: angelsaliens

I am a Christian teacher, author, and lecturer. Most importantly, I am a truth-seeker. I have co-authored the book "Mind Over Matter: the Necessity of Metaphysics in a Material World", in order to show that a being of metaphysical nature is responsible for the universe as we find it. Now, I seek to uncover exactly who this being (or beings) truly is. The question we all have to ask ourselves is, "are we willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads"? I am committed to doing so. Won't you join me?

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