Donald Trump: Savior or Charlatan?

In this article, I am stepping outside of my typical wheelhouse of biblical and theological issues. Some may feel that I am simply stepping outside of my lines, for that matter. However, I feel compelled to address something that God has laid on my heart for some time now.

Having closely followed the Trump phenomenon from the beginning—since he threw his hat into the political ring, that is—I have carefully evaluated both his character and his job as president. Now that we have been without his leadership for a little over a year, I have spent much time evaluating his tenure, as well as his actions since the 2020 election.

More than simply contemplating these matters, I have consulted my most trusted Christian brothers and sisters about them. Through much time, discussion, and reflection, I feel that I am ready to offer my overall assessment of Donald J. Trump.

For those who are interested in this matter, I hope my thoughts can help to inform your own perspective on this rather enigmatic figure.

I want to offer a few disclaimers before getting into this. The first is that I supported Trump for most of his presidency, and I voted on him in both 2016 and 2020. The second is that, if you came to this blog expecting to find only a hardcore defense of the man, then you will be sorely disappointed. At the same time, if you came to read only a savage attack, then you may also be disappointed.

Unlike most people with greater clout, I am not beholden to anyone accept Christ himself; I simply try to tell it as it is. At least, I make every effort to describe the facts as I understand them. I will do the same here and, again, some readers may not like it. Oh yes, I supported Donald Trump’s presidency. Now, I have utter disdain for the man.

Stick around and I will tell you why. But first, let’s be fair and start with the good. And there was good to be found in Trump’s presidency.


The Good

As I mentioned earlier, I voted on Trump in both elections (2016 and 2020). I was not in love with him during the primaries, but I became an ardent supporter when he won the Republican primary and emerged as Hellary Clinton’s chief opponent.

While I no longer consider myself to be a Republican—because most of them are feckless, dishonest, or outright corrupt—I have, do, and will always oppose the political Left. Their agenda is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-human, and despicable beyond all belief. That’s all I will say here about this matter.

Like many conservatives, I was captivated by Trump for one primary reason: he opposed the Left and, more to the point, what I perceived to be the globalist agenda. His “Make America Great Again” slogan spoke directly to this mission, which was chiefly about making sure things are going well in our country before meddling in other countries’ affairs. In a lot of respects (not all), Trump fulfilled this promise. Even many of his detractors would begrudgingly admit that, up until the scamdemic came along, the economy was booming, unemployment was extremely low, the lives of average people did largely improve, and we managed to avoid entering into new wars overseas. With war hawks like John Bolton (discussed momentarily) advising him, the last of these accomplishments was rather astonishing.

Throughout all of this, the political establishment (the “swamp,” as he called it) threw a never-ending temper tantrum and did everything it could to eliminate the man that George Soros called “a danger to the world.[2] In one unified voice, the political Left, the media, a fair number of Republicans, and globalist elites throughout the world screamed about the need for Trump’s political elimination and prayed to the one-eyed god for his ruination.

For nearly four years, these individuals literally spent every second of every day spewing hatred toward Trump and concocting fraudulent schemes to sabotage him. It began immediately after the 2016 election with “Russian Collusion,” where an insanely expensive and drawn-out investigation resulted in what was apparent from the beginning: there was no collusion, only the possible “obstruction” of an investigation that never should have existed to begin with. Still, that didn’t stop the “Russia, Russia, Russia” banter, and many remain convinced that collusion occurred.

After this debacle—which clearly did “obstruct” Trump from leading the country in many respects—they moved their merry way onto a different “crisis” with a different country: Ukraine. This time, Trump had supposedly attempted to extort the Ukrainian government into digging up dirt on Hunter Biden, the son of his political competitor, Joe Biden. Based on the transcript of a single phone call that was “leaked” by a mysterious “whistleblower”—and was almost immediately released to the people to read for themselves—Trump ended up being impeached by the House of Representatives. He was not convicted by the Senate, however. It didn’t matter that there was no discussion of money or applied pressure, and that the Ukrainian government said as much.

Nevertheless, those who hated Trump will forever be jubilant that he was “impeached.”

That’s not all, of course. Trump was impeached again on his way out of office for “inciting an insurrection” on January 6th, 2021. Questioning the election results and rallying a legion of dismayed supporters to march to the Capitol building to “peacefully and patriotically make (their) voices heard” constituted inciting an insurrection. The truth is that Trump was right on the former point: the election was a complete carnival act that smelled in every way imaginable. I discussed the problems with the election at length in this video. Also, never mind the fact that the “insurrection” involved a largely unarmed group of citizens, that the only lethal shot fired was by an officer on an unarmed Trump supporter (Ashli Babbitt), and that the entire event wreaked of a set up.[1]

Along with these unprecedented impeachments were a slew of lesser charges. Trump was physically unfit to be president. Trump was so mentally unfit to be president that we might need to invoke the 25th amendment to get rid of him. Trump destroyed the electoral process. Trump destroyed people’s faith in the media. Trump was even responsible for hurricanes. I’m not kidding. Let’s not forget the most repetitive charges of all; Trump was a homophobic, misogynistic, masochistic, racist, bigoted bully.

And he was really mean, too!

Yet, at almost every step, he defied them and continued to erect one of the greatest economies the world has ever seen. When the Democrats remained ambitious about allowing all people to enter the country through our shattered southern border, Trump was steadfast in saying that “without borders, we don’t have a country.” Accordingly, he did increase border security and built a portion of the southern border wall (though not nearly to completion). While the globalists decreed it necessary to ratchet up our efforts against the lie known as man-made climate change, Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords. He even halted sending U.S. funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) mainly because, well, they’re completely dishonest half the time and are actively creating corruption the other half. At that point, the U.S. was the organization’s top benefactor, followed by none other than Bill Gates. It was a big deal, and an even bigger statement.

I was recently discussing Trump with a good Christian friend from Australia—who largely shares my view of this issue—and it was difficult to adequately describe just how brutal Trump’s opposition really was. While he knows much of it, I feel that it took living in the U.S. to fully see the carnage that took place for four years. This wasn’t your typical partisan, presidential bashing. This was nothing short of a personal and political lynching. Day in and day out, Trump was vilified and demonized. If you listened to the media and many government officials, Trump was ruling hell and using Satan as his lava pool boy.

Throughout what was easily the harshest and most vitriolic political onslaught ever seen in the United States, Trump managed to keep a lot of his promises and steer the country in an overall positive direction, particularly economically. That is truly remarkable.


The Bad

I will not delve far into Donald Trump’s past. That is, into his life before politics. Any honest person should be able to admit that he was a rich playboy with a rather dubious record of behavior. If you are looking for proof of this, just take a look at Jeremiah Cohen’s video on Trump.

Here, I am only concerned with his presidency and what has transpired ever since.

Not only did I vote for Trump twice, but I spent the better part of his tenure defending him. I regularly spoke to his detractors, armed with facts to extinguish the mainstream narratives about him. I was probably annoyingly supportive of Trump to those around me. I believed in his mission and supported him. As I mentioned in the last section, there were reasons for this.

I do not regret voting on Trump, nor do I regret having defended him.

But obviously there’s a “bad” section for a reason, too. I truly lament saying this, but there is an incredible evil associated with Trump. I will get to that after I describe some of his lesser, but still important, problems.

One complaint I had with the former president was that many of his hirings were dreadful, and this was obvious from the very start. Trump nominated former Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions—a man who was supposed to be one of his most ardent supporters—to be his Attorney General. This proved to be perhaps the most disastrous decision of his presidency. Goaded into believing that he had been compromised by his former dealings with the Trump Campaign, Sessions decided it was necessary to recuse himself from the entire Russian collusion matter, which occurred immediately after the 2016 election results were clear.

In doing so, he opened the door for the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein (another Trump nominee), to appoint a special counsel and begin a two-year witch hunt for something that had literally no basis to begin with: something that was founded on a contrived “dossier” that was bought and paid for by Hellary Clinton and her esteemed associates. Make no mistake about it: the Russia collusion investigation effectively mired Trump’s first two years in office. It was a constant distraction that also destroyed his reputation among the gullible masses.

The short of it is, hiring Sessions cost Trump in unspeakable ways. However, even Trump’s next pick for AG, William Barr—who effectively did nothing positive in his time as AG and was another fixture of the Washington machine—lambasted Trump after the events of January 6th. Considering that other AGs of the past have spoken of themselves as the president’s “wingmen,” Trump’s selections were clearly top notch.

Then there was Anthony Scaramucci. Trump hired him to be the White House Director of Communications, a gig that lasted a whopping ten days. In no time flat, Scaramucci needed to be relieved of his duties because he’s simply unhinged, but specifically because he attacked the administration that had just hired him. After being fired, Scaramucci continued his tireless crusade to defame Trump, appearing on any media outlet that would host him, calling Trump a traitor to the country and suggesting that he had severe mental problems.

John Bolton was perhaps the worst hire of all, simply because Trump knew exactly who he is and still chose to empower him as the United States Security Advisor. Bolton is known by both sides of the political aisle as one of the biggest war hawks in D.C. politics. As such, he literally epitomizes the “swamp creatures” that Trump promised to get rid of. Bolton tirelessly pushed for conflicts overseas, and Trump finally gave him the axe in September 2019. Like Scaramucci, Bolton proceeded to go on a crusade against his former boss and the nation’s Commander in Chief. His tell-all book, The Room Where it Happened, received praise only from those who shared his hatred for Trump, of course.

I would even argue that hiring his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be a Senior Advisor was a terrible decision for several reasons. First, a president hiring his son-in-law to a high position in government is in poor taste, and it set Trump up for much unnecessary political scrutiny. More problematic is that Kushner is completely beholden to the Israeli government and pushed Trump toward backing every single agenda that Israel could come up with, whether good or evil. If you don’t see this as a problem, please see my blog titled “Is Israel God’s Chosen Nation?” Things in Israel aren’t what many of us have been told, but I digress.

The point is, many of Trump’s selections were not only terrible but were detrimental to his presidency.

Getting back to Bolton and the “swamp” issue, this brings up my second biggest problem with Trump’s presidency. The man who campaigned on “draining the swamp”—oathing, pledging and promising to do so—did absolutely nothing to drain the D.C. swamp of its corrupt bureaucrats. Far from it. Instead, Trump helped to fill D.C. with swamp creatures. Besides the people previously mentioned as bad hires, someone needs to explain to me why Trump allowed Anthony Fauci to call the shots on the scamdemic (the COVID-19 “crisis”). Not only is Fauci another prime example of a swamp creature—he has served as the head of the NIAID since the 1980s—but he is one of the most corrupt monsters on the planet. It is true that Fauci was already there upon Trump’s arrival, but Trump willingly permitted him to help lead the Coronavirus Task Force. I have written about Fauci and his connection to the origins of COVID-19 (and the greater narrative) in my recent book, System of the Beast.

(But don’t take my word for it; RFK Jr. just wrote a tome—The Real Anthony Fauci—exposing this political and pharmaceutical gangster for the demon that he is.)

Trump knew about most (if not all) of Fauci’s dark accolades. Did that urge him to get someone from outside the swamp—like Dr. Peter McCullough, as one example—to lead the Coronavirus Task Force in its initial construction? No sir. Instead, he stuck with Washington’s highest paid and arguably most satanic figure: a man who is attached to Bill Gates’ hip and is totally beholden to the global pharmaceutical enterprise.

Unacceptable, to say the very least.

The simple reality is that Trump did not drain the swamp. He in fact made no effort to do so. Worse, he helped to fill the swamp with more despicable creatures.


The Heinously Evil

Fauci takes me to my last complaint with Trump, which by no means suggests that I do not have others that could be mentioned. This, however, is by far my biggest grievance. This is something that—and I cannot emphasize this enough—is the very definition of evil. Trump is in on this evil, from its foundations to its many machinations.

Those who are familiar with my recent works probably know exactly what I’m getting at. For those who aren’t, I am talking about his vaccine obsession. From the very moment it was suggested that we could magically whip up so-called “vaccines” to crush the COVID-19 scamdemic, Trump was in. All in.

Trump has been calling the creation of the vaccines a “medical miracle” since day one. In fact, he said it’s “one of the greatest miracles of the ages.” He has called himself the “father of the vaccine.” He has suggested that people should call these injections “Trumpcines,” in honor of the only man on earth who could have made it all possible. He has tirelessly peddled the vaccine gospel—along with the blind guides of today’s so-called “evangelical” church—every time a microphone is shoved into his face. Since the election of 2020, he has even berated his own supporters if they express even an inkling of concern about his miracle cure.

All this, when these injections have already proven to be by far the deadliest “vaccines” ever to be administered to the public. The CDC and FDA’S own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has presently recorded well over 20,000 deaths associated with the jabs. For comparison, this is more deaths than were caused by all FDA approved vaccines over the last 30 years, combined!

Just look at this chart of the VAERS data, which has only continued to extend upward since it was made.

Clearly, the number of reported deaths to VAERS skyrocketed when the COVID-19 kill shots were introduced to the public.

EudraVigilance—the EU’s vaccine adverse event reporting system—has recorded nearly 40,000 deaths (and countless injuries) due to the vaccines. Even life insurance CEOs are speaking up, saying that we are now seeing a 40% increase in deaths among working age people (18-64), which is beyond unprecedented. Worse, this number could be as high as a 65% increase among 18-49 year olds.

As if these numbers were not damning enough, we actually know that the real figures are much higher. Several independent studies have been done (here’s one), evaluating the accuracy of VAERS. The results are consistent: VAERS only captures between 1-10% of the actual vaccine-related adverse events. The same is almost certainly true for EudraVigilance and similar systems.

This means that the actual number of deaths in the U.S. from the “miracle” shots are at least in the hundreds of thousands, and they would globally be in the millions.

Yes, the “Trumpcines” have been exactly what Dr. Peter McCullough said they would be: “It’s going to go down in history as the most dangerous biological, medicinal product rollout in human history.”[3] 

It would be literally impossible for Trump to not know most (if not all) of this, yet he continues with his vaccine crusade. In this, Trump is without question an integral part of the globalist death machine that desires complete governance over the earth. He has boastfully called these shots “miracles,” and he is right; they are false miracles.


The Bottom Line

In truth, I have had more trouble trying to “peg” Trump than I have with anyone else I can think of. In some respects, he remains a mystery to me.

However, I am not sitting on the fence on this one. I can definitively tell you where I stand on the 45th president of the United States and can answer the question posed in the title of this article: Is Donald Trump a savior or a charlatan?

Let me definitively affirm that, from my perspective and based on the previous points, he is certainly no savior. This is true politically, ideologically, spiritually, and in all other meaningful ways. Though I mentioned his many positives, the fact is that Trump did not drain the swamp, clean up D.C., restore justice within the country, fix the electoral process (clearly), or anything of the sort.

(Granted, with the incredible state of decay we find our government in, perhaps most of this is simply impossible for any mortal being to accomplish. But again, he didn’t try to fix a lot of it)

Further, Trump did not lead the country into any type of spiritual renaissance, despite his vague handwaving about God and his love for the Bible. If you think he meant these things, I again urge you to watch Jeremiah Cohen’s video here.

The more difficult question is, was he a complete charlatan? Put another way, was he simply one of “them”—that is, one of the globalist elites—from day one and only pretended to oppose their interests on specific points?

The truth is, I simply don’t know. As I have pointed out multiple times, Trump remains something of an enigma to me, despite my best efforts at understanding him. However, let me offer my personal theory—my spiritual “hunch,” as it were—before closing this out.

The two primary options with Trump—as I see things—are as follows:

  • 1) He was, as previously mentioned, always one of the globalists who was masquerading as the leader of a counter movement.
  • 2) He was not initially a part of the globalist establishment but became part of it at some point late in his presidency.

Though I would not bet so much as a bag of animal crackers on this take, I believe the latter is the most likely scenario.

My primary reason for rejecting the idea that he was always “one of them” was laid out in the first part of this article. The absolutely insane and unprecedented spewing of hatred and the unbridled commitment to ousting him that was demonstrated by the political Left and the globalist elite just doesn’t align with the view that Trump was secretly on their side. Now, I fully believe these people are capable of massive conspiracies and political misdirection: creating “order from chaos,” so to speak. I detail in System of the Beast that this very thing has occurred with COVID-19 and the world’s reaction to it.

However, even I cannot fathom that the four years of endless political and character assassinations were all simply a smokescreen. I could be wrong but it’s difficult to imagine that type of overall planning and acting occurring so bilaterally, with such a tremendous number of players involved.

Obviously, this means that I think Trump likely started out on the “right side” of the globalists vs. the world power struggle but was taken in by their malevolent agenda.

But how could that happen? In a word, COVID. The virus scamdemic was the Great Lie of our time (perhaps of all time). It fooled the ungodly—which Trump always was—into giving their weight and power over to the globalist’s Beastly System, which is chiefly about depopulation and total world control. In fact, I think there is a clear “spirit of stupor”—a mass Delusion—that was sent upon those who bought into the Lie.

“For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie . . .” (2 The. 2:11).

This is a spiritual matter far more than a health, technology, or economic matter.

Playing on Trump’s incredible ego—which even his most ardent supporters must recognize that he possesses—Fauci, Gates, Collins, the NIH, the CDC, the WHO, and other powerful voices, completely snookered him into the entire agenda. To this very day, Trump believes that his actions in promoting the experimental injections saved millions of lives and prevented a complete world collapse. He endlessly preaches the vaccine gospel, berating his own supporters if they show even the slightest concern about its safety or efficacy. Remember, Trump dubbed himself “the father of the vaccine.”  

He could provide a miracle cure. He could save the world from the virus. In short, he ultimately saw the COVID-19 “crisis” as an opportunity to “Make Trump Great Again.”

The worst part is that Trump knows—he must know—about the incredible number of adverse events and deaths that have already come out of these little “miracle” injections. But he hasn’t let those details get in his way, even when it comes to having children desecrated with these experimental gene therapy injections. 

There can be no more scathing an indictment than this. This alone should urge all followers of Christ to get off the Trump train and seek to expose his corruption. In my estimation, if you understand the data I presented earlier and are still for these death shots, then you are also of the spirit of antichrist.

Trump is not a savior and it’s difficult to tell how long he has been a charlatan. What I can say is that, now, he has become an enemy of life, truth, and the very people that he claimed to defend.

This was not an easy conclusion for me to reach, but it was the inevitable one.

Thank you for reading this lengthy article. I am especially curious to hear your thoughts on this assessment and on Trump in general. Please leave a reply in the comment section below.


[1] McCullough, Peter. “Urgent Warning about Poisonous Jabs – ‘an Agonizing Situation’. The Stew Peter’s Show. Jul 21, 2021.

2] Halaschak, Zachary. “George Soros: ‘Very dangerous’ Trump a ‘transitory phenomenon’.” Aug 12, 2020. Washington Examiner.

[3] For example, the guards at the capitol building simply removed the barriers and allowed the protestors to stroll through the door. They covered up the identity of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer for more than a year. Many of the “protestors” were seen at Antifa and BLM rallies in other locations, meaning they were there simply as posers to fan the flames. The whole thing smelled to high heaven.


Author: Brian M. Rossiter

I am a Christian teacher, author, and lecturer. Most importantly, I am a truth-seeker. My research has led me to both believe in and defend the veracity of the Bible, evaluating my own personal views in light of its teachings along the way. In addition to my blogs, I have written several books: "The Death Myth," "God Made the Aliens," "Spiritual Things," and most recently, "Missing Verses: 15 Beliefs the Bible Doesn't Teach." My hope in these endeavors is to give skeptics reasons to believe, to strengthen the faith of those who already do, and to challenge each of us to truly evaluate our own worldviews.

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