Beneath the Rock

I came across an article the other day that is not unlike many others that are now commonplace within the scientific community.  Though I am not going to write a full-length blog on this, I did want to say a couple words and redirect you to a blog I have already written on this issue.

The article I am referring to comes from the New Scientist, and it continues to demonstrate what all of the honest people among us have been talking about for centuries: nay, for millennia.  In no uncertain terms, life on planet Earth is the result of an intelligent being/s.  It simply is, and almost no one is even trying to deny it at this point.  This article discusses that Lee Cronin—a respected chemist at the University of Glasgow (UK)—recently conceded that the complexity of life requires an artificer, saying: “Biology has one signature; the ability to produce complex things that could not arise in the natural environment.”

In other words, life is so complex that it requires an intelligent cause.  But where, oh where, have we heard that before?  It sounds so familiar, yet I cannot seem to place it.  Hmm . . .

Oh yeah, I have it now: this is the foundational view of the Intelligent Design movement.  What? . . . Those pseudo-scientific hacks?  It can’t be.  Of course, it also sounds a lot like the crazy ideas put forth by religious dreamers.  You know, the rock-dwelling, iron-age peasants among us who actually believe there is a powerful being who created life on Earth.  How did that idea ever get off the ground?

I hope you have noticed the sarcasm because I am laying it on pretty thick.

Cronin’s suggestion is absolutely no different than those put forth by the previous parties, save for the fact that he doesn’t explicitly reference a “Designer” or a “Creator.”  But come on; did he really have to?  Did any of the scientists who have made identical types of statements—and they come from nearly every scientific background imaginable— need to employ this type of forbidden terminology?

Who do they think they are kidding?

The point I am trying to make is very simple.  It is high time that those who have been living under the naturalistic rock put on their booties and come join the rest of us.  While the exact identity of the being/s that created life on our planet is certainly something we should all be discussing, there is no reason to continue to pretend that natural causes could have produced the life we experience on our planet every day.

It seems to me that the only ones who are living under a rock are those from the scientific community (and their worshippers) who are unwilling to accept the inescapable reality that life is not an accident or the product of universal happenstance.

Of course, pride is often the hardest thing to swallow.



Holmes, Bob. “We could detect alien life by finding complex molecules.” New Scientist. 27 April, 2017.



Author: Brian M. Rossiter

I am a Christian teacher, author, and lecturer. Most importantly, I am a truth-seeker. My research has led me to both believe in and defend the veracity of the Bible, evaluating my own personal views in light of its teachings along the way. In addition to my blogs, I have written several books: "The Death Myth," "God Made the Aliens," "Spiritual Things," and most recently, "Missing Verses: 15 Beliefs the Bible Doesn't Teach." My hope in these endeavors is to give skeptics reasons to believe, to strengthen the faith of those who already do, and to challenge each of us to truly evaluate our own worldviews.

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