Elon Musk: Freedom Fighter or Dark Globalist?

(Check out my recent video, System of the Beast, exposing the Final World Order and its nefarious origins.)

Given both the importance and the timeliness of the subject, I felt compelled to cover this topic immediately. While it may seem like a small matter to some, I believe this is another example that speaks directly to how we perceive the world around us.

Like so many things these days—be it the COVID-19 agenda, the sudden “virtuous” nature of Ukraine, and others—Elon Musk has become the “cause du jour” that most everyone has jumped on board to support.

The same people who typically buy into lies have accepted this one, yes, but so have others that you might not expect. Even some on my list of “trusted news sources” have dipped their feet into the Musk pond, seemingly embracing his meteoric rise as a savior of the little people: a restorer of free speech, a friend of the common man (and woman), and a globalist elite “gone rogue.”

That’s what we are told, at least.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, the common “narrative” on most every issue these days should be taken—on its face—as a complete lie. At the least, it’s virtually never all that it’s supposed to be.

The same is true regarding Mr. Musk, the “anti-woke freedom fighter.”


I hate to break this to you, but Elon Musk is an evil man. He is one within a vast network of human beings who have gained global power and sold their souls to get there. As I detailed in my expansive video on the Final World Order and others (like Altiyan Childs) have shown through their efforts, people rarely become rich, famous, powerful, and in the spotlight without being corrupt: really corrupt.

Your favorite artists, actors and actresses, politicians, and what have you, did not get to where they are on talent and hard work alone. Don’t get me wrong, many of our so-called “icons” are tremendously talented, intelligent, beautiful, and even hard-working. But there are countless other human beings on Planet Earth that are just as talented, intelligent, beautiful, and hard-working.

But those in the spotlight have two things that the rest of us haven’t got: a pact with Satan and the right connections. Not surprisingly, the two typically go hand in hand.

Trust me: Elon Musk is no different. Let’s look at the reasons why we can be sure of this.


Let’s start with those around Elon, say, in his very own family. How about his dear old mom? It takes no time flat to see that Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, is not only a model—no doubt based on her figure alone (not)—but is also an active Satanist. She has made this known most evidently in the signs and symbols she incessantly flashes. The following examples remove all doubt, as I explain beneath each image.

As they so love to do, Maye is covering her eye (thus, emphasizing the other) in homage to the “one-eyed god.” This is perhaps the most common sign portrayed by Freemasons and the Satanic cult in general. It is linked to the “eye of Horus” in Egyptian mythology, but has become ubiquitous across most religions and cultures. In short, this “eye” is the eye of Lucifer.

Like the pictures above, Maye is finding creative ways to emphasize one eye. In particular, the image on the left shows her holding one lens of her glasses. This is a very popular way of drawing attention to one eye, though it is lesser used than some of the others.

If there are remaining doubts, this photo on the cover of Gloria Magazine is a smoking gun. Not only is Maye emphasizing one eye but is doing so while flashing the 666 hand sign. This if irrefutable evidence that she is a worshipper of Satan.

What about Elon’s beloved father: is he any different? It is much more difficult to find information on Errol Musk, which is at least partially because he and Elon are alleged to be estranged. As such, there is very little out there—that I could find, at least—directly linking him to Freemasonry or the global Satanic cult. There are no “smoking gun” images at least, as there are with everyone else presented here.

However, we can determine his dark nature via other means. According to Elon, himself, his father is one evil man:

“He was such a terrible human being. […] My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil. He will plan evil.”

Elsewhere, he said:

“You have no idea about how bad. Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he has done. Almost every evil thing you could possibly think of, he has done.”

One of those “evil things” was undoubtedly fathering a child with his former stepdaughter. Yes, I said stepdaughter. At the time this occurred (2018), Errol was seventy-two years old and she was only thirty.

It is fair to say that Elon Musk did not fall from a tree of virtue.

Some will retort that one cannot pick their parents. Fair enough. So, what about those people Elon has willingly surrounded himself with? I don’t know, like his chosen romantic companions. If you are not familiar with the musician, Grimes, then you are in for a big surprise. Musk apparently had something of an open (and very strange) relationship with Grimes for several years, even having two children with her.

She leaves absolutely no doubt about the Dark Lord she serves.

The image on the left announces to the world that she is indeed involved in the dark art of witchcraft, and the image on the right is one of many that show her as some sort of demon.

Here, Grimes covers her eye just like Maye Musk. The images of the upside down cross and the Satanic pentagram show us precisely what emphasizing the eye is all about.
This photo puts it all together. Not only is she throwing up double 666 hand signs, but she is wearing a sweater featuring the all-seeing eye. It all fits.

Finally, let’s look at Elon Musk himself. What is he really about? First, it’s important to note that Elon displays—though less ferociously—many of the same signs that tend to accompany Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Satanic cult at large. Observe the following examples, where I again explain the meaning beneath the picture.

Elon typically reveals his signs more covertly than many others. Here, he places a hand on his chin and then puts both together to do the same. The latter is a lesser-known sign called the “Uttarabodhi Mudra.” This is popularly used to express “enlightenment,” as in the person doing the sign has reached a higher level of understanding than the peasantry. This is at the heart of the Illuminati and is connected to the greater Satanic cult.

Since the previous sign is probably one you haven’t come across often, let me point you to this video on the subject and show one more glaring example. Below, “Jesus-loving patriot,” Clay Clark, shows the “Uttarabodhi Mudra” as clearly as possible. This is but one of Clark’s many signs and symbols that expose him as a fraud, but I will deal with him in another blog or video soon enough.

While the execution is slightly different, make no mistake that the same meaning is at play here as above with Musk.

If you are not convinced by Musk’s previous photos, then perhaps this will help. While Musk is typically stealthier than most in his usage of key signs and symbols, occasionally he gives us the goods in obvious fashion.

The 666 hand sign, clear as crystal.

Case and point.

If you are still skeptical about these signs I am showing you and whether they actually indicate one’s involvement in the Satanic cult, I can only suggest that you start the long and very deep dive down this endless hole. Start here and observe the links throughout the blog.

Besides these tell-tale signs, Musk’s outward agenda is nothing short of a transhumanistic nightmare. Just watch this short clip about Neuralink, Musk’s artificial intelligence (AI) brainchild. Really, watch it.

As noted in the video, Musk has an undying obsession with merging human beings with AI and creating a world bereft of the image of God. Musk wants nothing less than a complete “symbiosis” of human beings with robotics. In fact, Musk has even referred to the AI enterprise as “summoning the demon.” Yes, the demon. Effectively, this is a quest to create a new Tower of Babel.

One might even view Musk as the new Nimrod: the very one in charge of this novel “tower” that is being built into the heavens.

Musk’s obsession with fusing humanity with artificial intelligence is clearly echoed within Grimes’ 2018 macabre tune, “We Appreciate Power.” Watching the video will of course provide a better look into the darkness, but here are a few of the key takeaways:

“People like to say that we’re insane
But AI will reward us when it reigns
Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer
Simulation: it’s the future”

. . .

“And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
If you’re not backed up on a drive
And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
If you’re not backed up, backed up on a drive”

Along the way, Grimes repeats catchphrases like “What will it take to make you capitulate?” and “We appreciate Power,” which is of course the name of the song.

If you are not familiar with those currently pushing the “Great Reset” and their sick transhumanist ideals, you can see them on the final section of my video, System of the Beast. What you’ll find is that people like Klaus Schwab and his sadistic advisor, Yuval Noah Harrari, are of one mind with Grimes in her worship of AI and her obsession with a transhumanistic future.

Obviously, so is Elon Musk.


It seems that human beings are always looking for a human savior to pull them out of the darkness and trample underfoot the evil forces that oppose us. Nowhere is this more evident in recent history than with Donald Trump, but this goes back into all parts of history. I recall the Israelites crying out to God for a human king (1 Sam. 8), even though their human judges had failed them for so long.

Yes, humanity always seeks a human savior but ignores the heavenly Savior.

As with all others before him, Elon Musk is being pushed into a role that he simply doesn’t fit: not by a landslide. I wish I could tell you that Elon Musk is the human “savior” that we need right now. I wish I could tell you that he is a wonderful man who is out to protect the “peasantry” from the terrors of Twitter and Big Tech. I wish I could tell you that Musk is a “globalist gone rogue,” and that he is now battling the very monster that spawned him.

I wish . . .

Alas, I cannot in good conscience make any such claims. In fact, Musk is pushing the very agenda that he is allegedly “opposing.”

Have you figured out yet that projection is “their” favorite strategy? It’s worked rather well for Satan (2 Cor. 11:14), so it’s no surprise that his human servants have adopted the practice.

The fact is, Elon Musk is a globalist of globalists. As such, his god is his appetite and his glory is in his shame. He did not become one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth because of his great affinity for charity or his unwavering commitment to the good of humanity. Musk didn’t even achieve his status solely through hard work and a superior intellect; virtually no one does. Instead, Musk got there the same way they (almost) all have: through corruption and a willingness to literally sell his soul for success.

Musk is at the forefront of the globalist agenda to dehumanize humanity by “transhumanizing” it. Of that, there can be no doubt. But what about his heroics in battling Big Tech?

Even if Musk does buy Twitter . . . and even if Twitter were to become “freer” and more open to alternative voices, how long will that last? And how do we know that this isn’t being done to further implicate 2020 election “truthers” or January 6th supporters, or to catalog those who reject the entire COVID-19 agenda—along with its death shots—or to bomb Twitter users with fake accounts that spread constant propaganda, or any number of other possibilities?

All we really need to do is look at the man who is supposed to make this all possible. When we examine Elon Musk (and his cronies), we hardly see the beautiful image of freedom and liberty.

Musk has willingly enslaved himself to the one-eyed god. Why would we expect that he wants something different for the rest of us?

Author: Brian M. Rossiter

I am a Christian teacher, author, and lecturer. Most importantly, I am a truth-seeker. My research has led me to both believe in and defend the veracity of the Bible, evaluating my own personal views in light of its teachings along the way. In addition to my blogs, I have written several books: "The Death Myth," "God Made the Aliens," "Spiritual Things," and most recently, "Missing Verses: 15 Beliefs the Bible Doesn't Teach." My hope in these endeavors is to give skeptics reasons to believe, to strengthen the faith of those who already do, and to challenge each of us to truly evaluate our own worldviews.

5 thoughts on “Elon Musk: Freedom Fighter or Dark Globalist?”

  1. Musk has fooled many and he will undoubtedly fool many more, but he sure isn’t going to fool me – not in a million years. Some of you may not remember, but for a long time Musk was raking-in billions of dollars while producing nothing. Then, as if by “magic”, Musk became the wealthiest individual on the planet. Now, in hindsight, it’s obvious where Musk’s money and influence were coming from. Jorge ****************************************************************************

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    1. Absolutely. He appeared from nowhere almost like a phantom, and was suddenly among the wealthiest and most influential people on earth. The globalist cabal has a habit of doing this. Think Obama, Zelenskyy, Trudeau, tons of lower level folks, and now Musk. No one obtains such power apart from being “connected.” It just doesn’t happen!


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